November 19

Holiday Recipes-2021

Just in case you were looking for some diabetes-friendly recipes for the holidays, you are in the right place!

The Tofu Turkey is a great protein main dish, made special by using a phyllo dough crust. There is also a tasty oil-free pie crust that can be used for either apple pie or pumpkin pie. And a great sugar-free apple pie that can pair with the no-dairy, low sugar, pumpkin pie! While many traditional holiday foods are high carb and high fat (great for increasing your insulin resistance…) you can make much healthier versions using these recipes. I even included a mashed cauliflower recipe that can pass for mashed potatoes without the heavy calorie or carb load! Another great sugar free recipe is the Peaches and Cream dessert from my friend, Maggie Collins.

So pick a few, and let’s get cooking!! You can download the whole recipe packet at the button below.


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