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Evaluating Diabetes Reversal Programs


If you do a simple google search for “diabetes reversal programs” you will get over 2 million hits! If you wanted to pick one, where in the world would you start?

In this post, I want to start a mini-series around the topic of how to identify a Biblically-based program for diabetes reversal. This I believe, will be especially helpful for my Christian readers, but the principles will also apply to all the most effective programs for true, long-term, optimal health after a diagnosis of any kind of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

This graphic presents the first criteria that forms the foundation of the Biblical Diabetes Reversal Model —The theory of origins.

The two main theories on the origins of human beings are represented by the vertical axis in our model. 

At the bottom we find a humanistic, evolutionary perspective where the underlying philosophy involves believing that humankind is the product of millions of years of the evolutionary process. This has far-reaching implications. For example, if this is your perspective, it would make sense that we are currently at the apex of human development and our history as slime, lower level creatures, evolving into apes and then prehistoric cavemen and women can somehow give us guidance in our continued evolution. We might look at pre historic meal patterns as hunters and gatherers to decide what we should be consuming now. Or the view that we are the product of a “survival of the fittest” system provides for inherent pride in our accomplishments and a basis for a “dog eat dog” way of relating to one another. Competition becomes a primary motivation for “winning” and we can’t all be winners, there have to be some losers.

Some other outlying philosophies that also belong at this man-centered pole would be those beliefs that we came from aliens, that we are only at a particular stage in the eternal cycle of reincarnation, and other pagan philosophies around origins.

In contrast, at the top of this vertical axis we see a belief in a loving Creator who used infinitely intelligent design while forming and giving life to our physical being. He not only created us fully formed, but placed the first perfect humans in a perfect environment, exquisitely designed for high performance, infinite mental, spiritual, and emotional growth, and provided with the ideal framework for optimal physical health. These beliefs have equally far-reaching implications in at least the following areas:

  • Our worth – We are the product of willful choice on the part of a loving kind who doesn’t make mistakes. He has a purpose for each one of our lives and a plan He wants to reveal to us.
  • Free Choice – This amazing Creator looks only for a loving relationship with us, which by definition must be based on the freedom to choose. Not only can we choose a loving, mutual relationship with Him, but we are allowed to choose the principles by which we will live, move, eat, procreate, and relate to every other human being.
  • Intelligent Design – Instead of being the product of random mutations, our bodies are exquisitely designed for amazing, extraordinary, efficient but extremely complex functions necessary to the maintenance of life. Therefore, understanding the basic working elements and how best to promote the optimal performance of our bodies enables us to make choices that support the best possible functioning, health, and state of wellness we can have.

Every diabetes program out there is based, at a foundational level, with a bias toward one or the other of these two poles when it comes to belief about origins. As a Christian, those programs that acknowledge God as Our Creator and designer will avoid many of the elements of false approaches to health and will give the credit for health and well-being to God. This is important. 

At the bottom end of the axis, credit for health and well-being is given to anything and anybody besides God – to a particular guru, method, doctor, researcher, or scientist/discoverer. Health is something we might enjoy in the present, but is in no way guaranteed in the future or for eternity.

At the top, God is recognized as the Supreme Healer, the source of all health and well-being and even the source of every program, method, or true path to maintaining or regaining whole person health. In that space, we recognize that when we choose to cooperate with God by exercising the power of the will and free choice to come into harmony with His design for humans, we can be blessed with the best possible health, not just in the present, but in eternity as well. This is because sin has impacted our health and function and we cannot expect the fullest restoration of this health until sin has been eternally destroyed. 

If you are looking for a Diabetes Program that is based on the Biblical Creation theory of Diabetes Reversal, you will want to learn more about the Undoing Diabetes program by attending one of my Master Classes. You can get on the waitlist for the next class by going to THIS LINK. You will also find a bonus assessment tool there that can help you figure out what your personal next step to better health might be. Check it Out!

In part 2 of this series we will look at what the horizontal axis in this model represents – it is the principle of Therapy Focus. Stay tuned!


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