Using AI for growth

Regina Davis-West is a seasoned Business Support Specialist with an impressive 25-year career that began as a graphic designer and evolved into successful entrepreneurship. During her earlier years as a single mom, Regina excelled as a top Realtor in Northern California, and later established a lucrative 6-figure MLM business.

Regina's passion for coaching and supporting businesses remains unwavering. She thrives on sharing her expertise in helping businesses meet their goals while ensuring they stay abreast of the latest technologies, preventing them from falling behind in today's fast-paced market.

Today, Regina is happily married with four children, balancing family, professional pursuits, and generously investing time in teaching business and graphic arts to community college students. Her commitment to education and community development extends to her personal life, where she enjoys spending quality time outdoors with her family. Regina's journey reflects resilience, entrepreneurial acumen, and a genuine commitment to empowering others in both the business and educational realms.

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