Staying Well in 2024

Debbi Puffer has traveled in Canada, India and the United States doing health seminars, and sharing the gospel of Christ's love. Debbi not only has written a cookbook, but has written several other books, some on health and others on the gospel.

Debbi has attended several colleges, and has recieved a degree in Health Services, Massage therapy, and holds a substitute Teacher licence in the state of Missouri.

Over 28 years ago, Debbi started a natural remedies journey, and took a few courses on herbs and remedies, to help with her health and the health of her loved ones. Her journey has opened opportunities to live without drugs since she began, with the exception of Ivermectin a couple of times. She loves to share what she has learned that others may be blessed by the same remedies that she has used.

Debbi has 3 grown children, and 8 wonderful grandchildren. She loves crafts, cooking, and sharing Jesus, and who He is.

Debbi's Free Gift

  1. Probiotic Honey Recipe
  2. Swedish Bitters Old Manuscript