Session 1b

My family owns Perfect Foods, Inc and we are the largest wheatgrass and microgreen growers in the world!

Perfect Foods is the world's premier wheatgrass and microgreen growers, located in Goshen, NY. They have been supplying the highest quality wheatgrass and microgreens for 40 years. Now, since COVID, they are on a mission to lead raw vegan cleanses to educate the masses on how to use these incredible superfoods to support their immune systems and improve their overall health.

They offer:
-Raw Vegan Reset Cleanses
-Fresh & Frozen wheatgrass
-Sprouting Kits

Now, I lead Raw Vegan Reset Cleanses and am health coaching hundreds of people country wide to reach their health goals with real whole foods.

Besides the wheatgrass biz, I studied Business, Art and Psychology at SUNY Albany and lived in Israel for 6 months doing co-existence work between Jewish and Muslim residents. I also lead art classes and am very passionate about being connected and leading in the Jewish community. My passion is to help people connect, be their true authentic selves and find inner peace with long lasting health.

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