Session 8

Janet Huehls transforms exercise from a ‘should’ to a user-friendly form of self-care, so exercise becomes an easy-to-use resource for restoring whole-person wellbeing. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, is a certified health and wellness coach, and certified mindful movement teacher. For over thirty years, she has enjoyed being part of various health care teams, teaching people with health concerns how to use exercise as part of their plan for improving health. By incorporating mindfulness she found exercise no longer left clients feeling guilt, shame, or self-doubt. Instead, mindfulness-based exercise bolstered whole-person confidence that supported other health habits as well. This led her to create the Be Well Now Method™ and her Exercising Well™ coaching and online program. She continually strives to fill the void for a science-based, whole-person approach to exercise with an insatiable curiosity and contagious enthusiasm for the ways the brain, body, and spirit work best when they work together so we thrive. Learn more about the Exercising Well program, read Janet's blogs, and sign up for her email list at or contact her directly at Janet[at]ExercisingWell[dot]com

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