Myths around diabetes reversal through lifestyle



Tom Fisher, R.N., B.A., is also a highly experienced Health Coach with well over 16,000 clinical hours of working one on one with people with various health challenges. Tom is a Certified Health Educator and stage IV cancer survivor, “now over 22 year’s cancer free”.  

He has studied under some of the top integrative medical practitioners in the world, including studying integrative medicine and biological medicine with Paracelsus Clinic, Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, Brasil American Academy of Aging & Regenerative Medicine (BARM) and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Tom has coach training with Noble Manhattan which is an accredited coach training program.

Tom has lectured throughout the United States on health and nutrition. He is a former HHI Health Educator and Health Optimization Coaching Academy, “HOCA” instructor. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Kutztown University. After Tom’s experience with cancer, he chose to dedicate his life to educating the public about the benefits of healthy food and lifestyle modification. Tom has a unique background in health, having worked with patients in allopathic and integrative medicine and having been through the medical system as a patient with cancer. Tom led a medical team and consulted with thousands of people from all over the world with various health challenges for over 10 years at a large health retreat and for many years before that. Tom is passionate about empowering people with a healthy lifestyle and enjoys his work, which is providing clients with health consultations.