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Stephanie Ewing is a bestselling author in the field of personal development. Visit to get access to numerous FREE resources. Using honesty, humor and best practices, Stephanie talks about what she believes are the obstacles to having the happiness you deserve. She shares simple steps to help you develop energizing habits, manage anxiety, boost your confidence and improve your health.

Her books are based on a career of supporting learning and life experiences that taught her strength comes from within. Her books include The Shower Habit, The Sleep Habit, The Success Habit, When Boobs Attack, Walking for Health and Weight Loss and many more.

Stephanie studied business administration and marketing before pivoting to education. With over 2 decades of leadership in the field of public education and a heart for behavior change, she followed her passion and began writing. When she's not on her mission to improve people's lives through small habit changes, she loves to read, listen to podcasts, plan vacations, and take long walks. She lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest along with their small herd of farm animals.

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