Myths about Genetics, Kids
and Diabetes risks



Meryl Fury, MS, RN, has been a public health nurse for 30 years, specializing in leadership and supporting the health of vulnerable populations. She climbed the ranks in Federally Qualified Health Centers before retiring to follow her true calling in food as medicine. She is certified in plant-based nutrition by eCornell and studies the use of whole-plant foods for health. Meryl is Pres/CEO of Plant Based Nutrition Movement,  where the focus is educating our most at-risk populations about the lifesaving benefits of diet and nutrition. 

Meryl is on the Pod Action Committee for PlantPure Communities, a member of the Medical Advisory Board for eCornell T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Food For Life Instructor, and a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She presents regularly to groups seeking information on healthy eating patterns. Meryl founded and leads the 6 Million Seeds Child Nutrition Project, an initiative to address the gross inadequacies in the way we feed children and to decrease the impact that the Standard American Diet has on the health of the planet. She is also co-host and creator of the Growing a Healthy Child podcast which can be found at 

Lifestyle Strategies for Strengthening Your Family's Health