Lara West is the author of 7 Healthy Gut Habits for Women Over 40. Her work is focused on gut health for women and is designed to help readers navigate the physical symptoms associated with middle age. Lara’s dedication to helping other women take control of their health stems from her own experiences leading up to menopause.

She first started to experience symptoms of perimenopause in her mid-forties and began researching women’s health to try to improve her experience. At the same time, she was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome and an autoimmune disease, and as her research continued, she began to connect the dots and discover that each of her problems stemmed from the same root: gut health. Committed to making lifestyle changes in order to get her health and happiness back on track naturally, she found that her menopause symptoms also improved.

Through dedicated study, Lara discovered a lack of information about the importance of gut health and how it can be achieved, as well as the impact of this on women as they approach middle age. Her research revealed far more than she’d been able to learn from medical professionals, and she is now passionate about making this information readily available to other women.

Lara originates from Ukraine and lives on Vancouver Island with her husband. She owns a home staging company which she established after finding new levels of confidence and energy as she improved her health. Lara can be reached via her website

7 Healthy Gut Habits for Women Over 40 Workbook