Dr. Young is a currently practicing, board-certified, Emergency Medicine physician and is certified as a diplomate of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. She graduated medical school from Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine in Glendale, AZ in 2006 and completed Emergency Medicine residency at Maricopa Medical Center in 2009.

As an Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Young sees patients at their most critical points, frequently on the worst day of their lives. Her job is to stabilize, rule out life-threatening conditions and treat any acute illnesses. Often what brings patients to the emergency department are things that could have been avoided with lifestyle changes. Heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes are among the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States. Through lifestyle changes, patients are able to significantly reduce their risk for all of these!

Dr. Young loves working in the emergency department but found herself wishing she had more time to spend with patients. When she sees patients in the ED, she can touch briefly on simple things they can do to take charge of their health, but her interactions are limited by time. She started Sozo Lifestyle Medicine so that she can change her pace, develop relationships with her patients and help support them as they take charge of their health. Through lifestyle interventions that reverse chronic disease as well as her skillset as an Emergency Medicine physician, she is helping her patients stay healthy and out of the emergency department.