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09 Cyd Notter

Cyd Notter
Nutrition Educator

09 Patricia Thomson PhD

Patricia Thomson

09 Brooke Ali

Brooke Ali
Plant-Based Nutritionist

09 Katherine Lawrence

Katherine Lawrence
Founder, Food Saved Me Institute

Prof. Spira

Rebecca Matsil
Co-Owner of Perfect Foods

Alan Goldhamer

Laurie Marbas

09 Anne Osborne

Anne Osborne
Author, Fruitarian

Karen Ranzi
MA, Director, Vegan Health Coach

Victoria Moran

Melissa Maris
Host, Raw Foods Romance

Wanda Huberman
Executive Director, NHA

Jeffrey Austin
Plant-based Coach

Luke Rabone
Exercise Physiologist

09 May Tom

May Tom

09 Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall

Danielle Arsenault
Raw Food Chef

Donna Savage
Plant-Based Health Coach

Shane Sterling
Juice Fasting Coach