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Over 50 years of helping people take charge of their health

7 Days to Optimizing Your Immune System

This online course is for those who are serious about taking care of their immune system and protecting themselves from deadly infections. Just click on arrow below...

Real Food to Raise Insulin Sensitivity

The key to reversing diabetes and preventing diabetic complications is optimizing insulin sensitivity. The fastest way to do this is by learning how to choose and prepare whole food, plant-based meals. Join me in my kitchen on ZOOM and let's cook together!  Click on arrow below to join club...

Reversing Diabetes

There is a system you can implement to take charge of your diabetes and avoid the debilitating complications. Register for, and attend, my FREE Master Class on "3 Steps to Preventing and Reversing Diabetes" right now by clicking on the arrow below...

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I use my experience to create yours

Most of my life has involved community health education in the type of lifestyle supported by the Blue Zones of longevity around the world. Becoming a nurse came naturally. 

For over 50 years I have worked to enable and empower individuals to take charge of their health by making educated, science and evidence-based choices that will lead them to prevent and reverse disease while lengthening their lives and adding quality to their years.

Understanding the relationships between lifestyle choices and the impact they have on our immune system function, well-being, and function is the basis of empowering training and coaching that I create to serve you in the best ways possible.

I have seen up close and personal the differences that individual choices make on the outcome of a diabetes diagnosis. That is why my focus is helping those with blood sugars to normalize them by addressing the root cause, insulin resistance.


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Before I worked with Lucia I had a sense that I needed to make a positive change in my habits. In terms of the impact this has had on my [disease] it is nothing short of a miracle - WOW!


Home executive

Lucia is a professional with a vast amount of experience and information share. I would highly recommend her services,  it has greatly improved my health.


pottery artist

The whole experience was very valuable and worth while. It also restored my faith in my self. I thank Lucia and God for this answer to my prayer.



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